By way of an introduction

“Foolish boy” I said to myself.  How can you be _____________ and so stupid?  Fill in the blank – a father, a working professional, more than 10,000 days old, a husband, a friend….  I’ve been telling people for a while that “I know things,” but on the inside the only thing I know is that I don’t know squat about myself.    And that’s why we’re here (here, as in this blog, and not in some metaphorical/philosophical sense): to gawk, laugh, and wonder in amusement as I prove how much I don’t know, and just maybe to learn something as we explore what I do know together.

My interests are diverse, so hang in there if I post on something that is of no interest to you.  Heck, I might even write on something that is of no interest to me.  This should be interesting for everyone…..

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