Bulls and Bearshit

occupy_wall_street_bull_in_ropesI caught this picture in my Facebook stream and it struck me with such offense the it sickened me.

Here’s my response: Let’s bind up business, take down the bull. Let’s destroy my investments and retirement that I have worked hard to earn and save. Let’s take down the engine of our economy. Let’s make the desire to earn money, to generate wealth, to rise above an act of shame. Let’s elevate inefficiency, mediocrity, and spite of strength to the status of a moral imperative.

I reject this. I reject what it stands for and will do all within my power to fight your false premises. I will work, create, and rise above. I will generate wealth and gain power and influence and not be ashamed.

I will maintain my morals. I will care for the orphans and widows. I will care for the poor and downtrodden in response to my personal moral code. I will fight corruption and theft. I will not corrupt. I will not be stolen from. But I cannot and will not give up that which I have worked for to those that do not work, that do not create, that do not deserve. I will not dumb down my abilities or be less than I can be to balance inequality of income or strength of mind. I will not compromise and I will not be ashamed. I reject this.


I am no war-hawk, but I do like to keep up on the latest trends in high-tech weaponry.  I have been watching the Army’s Silent Guardian project with keen interest.  A review of this new ‘wave of agony’ weapon was posted here: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/technology/technology.html?in_article_id=482560&in_page_id=1965

Non-lethal force to break up anti-war protests, riots, neo-Nazis, desert raves, high school proms, and bio-physicists conventions.  I love it.

Or a step into the more lethal side of things, researchers at the University of California Riverside are trying to create an annihilation gamma ray laser.  This new laser is made by combining electrons with their anti-partical positron to create a laser one million times more powerful than existing lasers.  Read all about it here: 

Seems like just what we need to finish off the war in Iraq.