Maybe I Can Help

Seeing as how my give-a-damn is busted, and I just don’t have enough energy to write substantive content, I hereby announce a new I Know Things Series: Maybe I Can Help.  I am always amazed at the stupid things the people struggle to figure out – and pay other people to figure out for them.  Kinda like the official studies of why prisoners want to escape from prison.  Really?  You had to commission a study to work through that one?  Maybe I can help….

The first installment comes from here:  It seems that Mexico has a shark problem and the Mexican Navy is trying to help out.  Fair enough – the ocean’s got a people eating shark, the Navy has guns (or harpoons or something that could kill a shark) – seems like a no brainer.  But read to the last sentence: “The Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo government is consulting with experts to determine what could be causing the attacks.” 

Maybe I can help: Hungry Sharks.  Shoot em & move on.

4 thoughts on “Maybe I Can Help”

  1. If only they would commission you to figure out their problems.

    Maybe that’s what you should do if the IT dries up: a consulting business called Maybe I Can Help. You can charge people exorbitant amounts of money to solve their problems. And work at home while drinking beer in your underwear.

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